My introduction to Tamiya was back in the mid 1980’s where my first RC was the Mitsubishi Pajero (58044). I spent a weekend assembling it and remember taking extra care applying the decals and paint.

It took a real beating over the years, where the sales of ‘super glue’ must have reached fever pitch as the hard resign body was patched and re-patched… especially the corner sections of the front bumper!

A second purchase (whilst in Tokyo) of a Porsche 959 a year later, saw much better build and detailing skills, where I became a true ‘convert’ of the RC brand.

Tamiya Porsche 959

Year’s have passed since those great early RC days, where I have now gotten back into the hobby of restoring and collecting models.

My Tamiya ‘true love’ is the Porsche 959, where I share my experiences on other community sites with the username ‘Porsche959Boy‘.

I look forward in sharing my experiences with like-minded enthusiasts, so please get in touch, as I’d like to hear from anyone who has as much enjoyment and pride in tinkering with Tamiya models as I do!

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  1. Hello, not sure if this is an active site but since it’s easy to contact this way, here goes. I recently found my lost love of r/c cars through introducing my boys to the hobby. Although the modern kits (most are not anything like the kits of old) are far more reasonable and advanced, I just love the ones from my youth, the 80’s. I purchased the ones I drooled over but couldn’t work enough hours to earn through summer vacation! I now have a bunch, mostly all tamiya or kyosho, in various states of repair. Bought whole but dirty and just can’t help but tear them down to find issues and clean. Have 3 959 and two celica rally’s, supershot (orig), super sabre and bunch of other stuff. I will check out site and if your still active we can communicate possibly. Thanks for sharing your passion! Tedd

    • Hi Tedd, great to meet another Tamiya fan! I share your passion of the models from the 80s, and even the 70s. I find ‘happiness’ in sourcing a vintage model, stripping them down, repairing or replacing parts and working on the body shells. My favourite is the 959, as I bought one in Tokyo back in 1986. I have a shelf queen, and am currently restoring 7 of them.

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