Tamiya TT-01e Practice & Setup at Crystal Palace

Tamiya TT-01e

Tamiya TT-01e

TT-01e out of storage… finally!

I’m on a roll now with my Tamiya RC cars… and today I went back to the track at Crystal Palace with the car that won many races years ago in a dedicated Tamiya racing series.

The TT-01 chassis has been around for many years now, and I truly believe that the TT-01e is as close as you can get to race-ready affordable RC racing.

I have driven many RC touring cars in the past, including the Xray T4, Team Associated TC6.2, and I have to say, that the entry-level TT-01 chassis has been the most enjoyable I have had with tarmac racing.

A few laps today proved that making subtle adjustments for track performance is crucial, as the Crystal Palace track is obviously different to the surface I used to race this car on. So a few adjustment settings, and I had the car purring round the track.

Tamiya TT-01e

Tamiya TT-01e

This chassis is also fitted with the Tamiya Sport Tuned motor, the same as what I have in my M0-3 chassis. The big difference is that the TT-01e is four wheel drive, so felt more ‘planted’ to the track than my M0-3 chassis.

I ran 3 Lipo’s today, and would have liked to keep going, but theres a few parts I need to replace as the 4 year break of running this chassis, has seen some parts become tired.

I’d certainly be excited to see a ‘Tamiya bath tub chassis’ class introduced to the club, as this would be a great, and affordable way to get people started with the sport.

Tamiya TT-01e

Tamiya TT-01e

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